A range of 300 km in real conditions, even more unique!

A Renault Zoe moving on a road

300 km autonomy in real conditions

Renault ZOE

Drive Electric

Designed as an electric car, New Renault ZOE is clearly "the" benchmark when it comes to everyday mobility needs. It is a car developed to optimize range, simplify charging and deliver a driving experience meeting the highest standards in safety and comfort.
Renault Zoe New ZE 40 battery & engine

New ZE 40 Battery & Engine

The new lithium-ion Z.E. 40 battery developed by Renault features innovative technology that doubles its capacity without increasing size. It maintains the qualities of the 22 kWh battery: easy charging regardless of its state of charge, no maintenance and end-of-life recycling. Positioned under the floor for a lower centre of gravity, the Z.E. 40 battery has no impact on interior space or boot capacity. The smooth, silent engines maximise the driveability of New Renault ZOE. Ingenious, compact and reliable, the all-electric engines provide an enjoyable drive. Developing high levels of torque from start-up, they deliver smooth, steady acceleration. Power varies between 57 kW and 68 kW depending on versions, but all motors contribute to the increased range and shorter charging time.
Renault Zoe R-LINK

R-LINK: mobility at your fingertips

Use Renault's R-LINK Evolution multimedia touchscreen to plan trips, read e-mails, listen to your favourite songs, and download applications from the R-LINK Store (news, travel, games, e-mails, social media)*

* requires application connectivity, available depending on country
Renault Zoe charging station

Charging ZOE

Charging points are becoming gradually more common: in shopping centres, car parks, service stations, company car parks, and of course on city streets.

Estimate your autonomy

Your real autonomy depends on the combination of certain factors:
Speedometer pictogram

The Speed

The faster you ride, the more energy you need to maintain your speed.
Driving style pictogram

Driving Style

Use Z.E. technologies like deceleration or regenerative braking can optimize your autonomy.
Topography pictogram


On the coast, your electricity consumption impacts your autonomy. Downhill you recover energy.
Weather conditions pictogram

Weather conditions

On average, the battery Z.E.40 offers a maximum autonomy of 300km in summer and 200km in winter.

Discover its dimensions

Does Renault ZOÉ fit in your garage?
Overall Length
4084 mm
Overall Width1945 mm
Unladen Height1562 mm
Boot volume under tablet
338 dm³
Boot volume, bench folded
1225 dm³