Customised commercial vehicle
A parked Renault Trafic
FUNCTIONAL DESIGN A van that is robust and dynamic on a daily basis
Sleek lines, grille with chrome-finish, full LED headlights, dual-function anti-fog lights, distinct lighting signature, etc.

With its modern and sophisticated front end, All-New TRAFIC combines ruggedness and resilience for a design that boosts your efficiency.
Renault Trafic headline design
Lighting signature
Exclusive lighting signature: full LED headlights, lighting signature... discover the details that make all the difference.
Renault Trafic front side design
Grille with chrome-finish
A modern and dynamic front end.
A man operating R-Link system in the Renault Trafic
A mobile office
With its ergonomic dashboard, heavy-duty and comfortable upholstery, and its chrome details... All-New TRAFIC aims to please.
A man loading products in Renault Trafic
Functional loading area
All-New TRAFIC meets your needs, for all your professional activities.


We thought of everything to make your everyday life easier

A man operating R-Link system in the Renault Trafic
Clever and connected
All-New TRAFIC features a  clever design  to help you face whatever challenge life throws your way:
  • Smart mobile office 
  • Long loading flap 
  • Driver assistance 
  • Connected multimedia systems
  • AndoidAuto™ & Apple CarPlay™

A man carring vegetables in his hand in a vegetable farm
Customised work tool
Food industry, construction, healthcare, etc.  Because your business is unique, we have a specific solution for your daily needs! Discover our  equipment, our  specific fittings  and our turnkey  conversion solutions.     


Engine and traction

Renault Trafic gearbox box handle design
New engine
All-New TRAFIC features a new 2.0L engine and a new dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox.

This offers you more comfort, power and torque, all while reducing your consumption for a totally enjoyable and efficient driving experience.  
Renault Trafic front side view
Traction solutions
Do you need to drive on difficult terrain?

Discover our traction solutions: Hill Start Assist and Extended Grip.
All-New Renault TRAFIC in detail