The priorities of the Renault group:
- Control of working capital needs, including the continuous reduction of stocks from 800 million to one billion Euros;

- The concentration of investment, research and development programs on strategic projects, including electric vehicles and the environmental performance of engines;

- The emphasis of the policy on reducing fixed costs, notably by controlling the payroll and lowering operating costs;

- Strengthening operational synergies with Nissan in order to seize new opportunities, particular through converging the engine range and working in common on electric vehicles.

In 1999, Renault bought Dacia, the first Romanian car maker and modernized its facilities. Dacia values are simplicity, robustness and modernity combined with a unique price / performance ratio. Much of its success is based on an emblematic vehicle: Logan.

With Sandero, the new vehicle with a global vocation of the Logan program, the group entered a new phase. Launched in early 2008 in South America and in mid-2008 in Europe (under the Renault symbol), this new hatchback continues to expand into new markets in 2009.

Renault Samsung Motors

In 2000, Renault took over the Automobile Division of the Samsung Group, with Renault Samsung Motors becoming the first European manufacturer to break into the South Korean market. After a new industrial kickoff and a powerful rise of the Busan factory, Renault Samsung Motors became a success story in a country long closed to foreign investment.


Concluded in March 1999, Renault-Nissan is the first industrial and commercial partnership of its kind between a French company and a Japanese one. Today, it is a real success.

Renault and Nissan are united for performance through sharing best practices. Both groups created a joint company managed by an Executive Board in charge of joint strategy and cooperation.

The cooperation should continue to develop its strength in all areas, from production to marketing. The alliance has created a joint purchasing society, RNPO (Renault Nissan Purchasing Organization), covering 100% of purchases of both groups.