Renault's Timeline in Lebanon

In 1951 Bassoul-Heneine & Co. was founded by Louis Bassoul ad Pierrot Heneine with the importer ship of Renault. Renault, a French design and brand, started the success of Bassoul-Heneine and since that time, our passion for excellence was born and our endeavor to become leaders was realized.

In 1952 Bassoul-Heneine & C. opened their second showroom in Ain El Mreisseh which is still operational till our days and despite the years of war, the Ain El Mreisseh showroom never ceased to welcome its customers and caters to their needs

In 1960 Bassoul-Heneine & Co. opened a new workshop on Mar Elias to accommodate its customers resident on that area and to assist Ain El Mreisseh showroom in servicing its clients.

In 1969 Bassoul-Heneine & Co. team was amongst the top three in the Rallye Du Liban. 1969 was a successful year and lasted till 1975 bearing the number 1 position in the Rallye at all times.

In 1972 Bassoul-Heneine & Co. constructed a huge building for future plans of being the headquarters of the company but due to the start of the civil war, all work was procrastinated till further notice. This building nowadays has been restored.

1975 was the beginning of the civil war; however, Bassoul-Heneine & Co. showrooms, workshops and network of 8 dealers remained operational to cover the whole country and build awareness and image of the brands presented by Bassoul-Heneine.

In 1998, Bassoul-Heneine sal was established incorporating 3 brands: Renault, BMW and Alfa Romeo

In 2004, Bassoul-Heneine sal imported Dacia, a sister company of Renault, manufactured in Romania, to reach mass of people with its affordable price.

In 2005, Bassoul-Heneine sal moved to their new headquarters in Sed El Bauchrieh. An empire of their own has been built with a dedicated showroom for each brand to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations offering personalized service and attentiveness.

In 2006, Bassoul-Heneine constructed a state of the art workshop with dedicated area for each brand to create more personalized service and to represent each brand and be its ambassador.

In 2007, the state of the art workshop was inaugurated

In 2008, refurbishment of Ain El Mreisseh Showroom

In 2009, refurbishment of Used Cars Showroom, BPS

In 2010, refurbishment of Mar Elias Workshop

In 2011, refurbishment of Parts & Accessories Department